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Administrative Non-profit Internship
Greater Bowie Chamber of Commerce (GBCC)
Bowie, MD 20715
Temporary/Part Time

Apply Now
Interested applicants please send resume/cover letter to our email info@BowieChamber.org

Internships at Greater Bowie Chamber of Commerce
GBCC is a non-profit membership based business in Bowie, MD. Our organization focuses on educating, advocating and connecting local businesses. We are currently seeking two (2) part time interns for the 2020/2021 year. Our internships provide a great experience for students with opportunity for pay and school credit. All internships vary in time frame, depending upon experience and availability, and last between 3-9 months. All of our interns will work one-on-one with board members, directors, volunteers and other interns during the internship.

All college interns are trained as senior level interns and have the chance to work in administrative positions that include planning and coordinating programs, workshops, events, and fundraisers.

All high school interns are trained as junior level interns and are provided with more training on management areas.

A Midterm and Final review will be provided by Board of Directors for all internships.

Internship Responsibilities
Commit to personalized timeline/schedule
Commit to follow through on projects
Commit to GBCC trainings
Follow the Daily Schedule
Educate the public on memberships/opportunities
Assist Board Members/Volunteers/Directors/Interns
Submit a Weekly Review