About Us

“The Voice for the Business Community in the Greater Bowie Area.”

Our Purpose

The Greater Bowie Chamber of Commerce (GBCC) is made up of members with common interests and concerns related to the business environment in the Bowie area. We are the primary professional trade organization in the Greater Bowie area dedicated to the protection, enhancement and success of good business in our community.

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Message from the President

Dear Friends,

In this season of change and uncertainty, our beloved City has a new administration as does the Greater Bowie Chamber of Commerce. Together we are faced with tackling the devastating impacts of the global pandemic, Conoronavirus-19, that has presented us with a complicated platform of challenges. As the elected President of The Greater Bowie Chamber of Commerce (GBCC) I want you to know that your businesses are important to the value of our community and that we will make a herculean effort to ensure that they are stabilized and sustainable through the crisis and throughout the recovery period. Bowie is a great city and has the distinction of being the 5th largest municipality in the state of Maryland yet, we are small enough for everyone to become familiar with virtually every business having a physical presence here. One of our primary goals is to connect all the local business owners together within not only our community, but the surrounding area as well.

As I think about our City, our region and our position in the global community I believe that support among families, friends, colleagues, and communities will be instrumental in propelling us through and out of this pandemic. what matters most is that we have a shared vision for our future beyond the pandemic. Right now it’s unsettling, irritating, and unknown as to when this will all end, but it will end and we will prevail.

The Greater Bowie Chamber of Commerce has been the leading voice of the business community since 1983 and through our advocacy we have gained the recognition and respect of our members. Going forward we intend redouble our efforts to provide even greater resources to help ensure that Bowie remains an attractive and welcoming place to grow your business.

I look forward to meeting and working with each business owner in the Greater Bowie Area and explore ways to help you grow your businesses and see how your Chamber be a part of that growth. Your Greater Bowie Chamber of Commerce is OPEN for your business and ready to serve you!

Terry Rogers
Greater Bowie Chamber of Commerce